All-Women Crew Creates History By Flying A Mi- 17 V5 For The First Time

Indian women pilots are soaring high and dominating the skies more than ever. And in yet another achievement by female pilots, an all-women crew flew a medium-lift helicopter for the very first time in India.

The crew who flew a Mi-17 V5 helicopter for a Battle Inoculation Training Mission comprised of Flight Lieutenant Parul Bhardwaj, Flying Officer Aman Nidhi and Flight Lieutenant Hina Jaiswal. While Lt. Bharadwaj took the Captain’s seat, Officer Nidhi co-piloted the mission and Lt. Jaiswal accompanied as the flight engineer.

Not only this, Flight Lieutenant Bharadwaj also became the first Indian woman pilot ever to fly the Mi- 17 V5. Further Flying Officer Nidhi who hails from Ranchi is the first woman IAF pilot from Jharkhand and Flight Lieutenant Jaiswal is the first woman Flight Engineer of the IAF. All the three pilots had undergone basic flight training at the Helicopter Training School at Air Force Station, Hakimpet before joining an advanced training at Air Force Station, Yelahanka.

Kudos to these brave pilots for proving themselves in a field which is mostly seen as male-dominated.

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