I Don’t Have A Uterus: Anoushka Shankar Pens Bold Letter On Her Hysterectomy Surgery

“I’ve had a hysterectomy and there’s nothing to be discreet about”- Anoushka Shankar.

Sitar player Lt. Ravi Shankar’s daughter and Grammy-nominated composer Anoushka Shankar has penned a powerful letter about her ‘lady bits’, revealing she no longer has a uterus. In a bold letter, she talked in length about the recent hysterectomy the sitar player underwent whilst mentioning the many women who have had the surgery in silence.

Anoushka began her letter with “As of last month, I no longer have a uterus”, and spoke about a double surgery she underwent to remove 13 tumours in her abdomen. She shed light on the fears and doubts that rose before she had hysterectomy and how that led to short-term depression. The sitar player highlighted the fact of hysterectomy not being talked about much while claiming how women around the world are “expected” to cope with the surgery.

Anoushka further penned down a chronicle of her life, where she described how at the age of 26, she had discovered “a fibroid the size of a large cantaloupe melon growing in her uterus”. Due to which she had a myomectomy done and her uterus was also preserved. This also helped her in giving birth to her two sons in the forthcoming years. She also how both the pregnancies were and how she showed the world the happy photos hiding the dark side of the moon.

Anoushka Shankar’s bold letter has served an inspiration for women around, as many thanked on her Twitter for shedding light on the tight-lipped hysterectomy.

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