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B-Town Stars Take Action On The Raging #MeToo Movement

India’s #MeToo Movement arrived with a bang as women took to social media to call out actors, filmmakers, comedians, authors and journalists alike. Unlike its American counterpart, it has not been supported by investigative journalism. Rather, it has been a persistent overflowing in the last few days, amplified by journalists themselves. What’s more is that it has hit the Indian media the hardest.

Senior journalists are stepping aside, a film production studio has been closed, and one of Indian’s bestselling authors has issued an open statement of regret after a surge of women named men on social media whom they accused of sexual harassment.

With the #MeToo firestorm consuming the nation, our B-town stars chimed in with their opinions and spoke out against the harassment. While some took to social media, others expressed their feelings in interviews.

Take a look at what tinsel town stars have to say.

Actor Imran Khan also spoke to a newspaper where he said that he is glad #MeToo has finally knocked down Bollywood’s door. Referring to the allegations against Vikas Bahl, the actor revealed that they come as no surprise to him. Khan also admitted that a lot of ‘things’ happened right in front of him, but couldn’t say it out loud in fear of not getting the proper support.

Imran Khan also talks about an anonymous director who made girls do a ‘photoshoot in bikinis’ for his personal amusement. He also revealed that there’s a ‘story’ that later happened with an actress and hopes that the latter finds enough courage to speak out loud about it.

With the #MeToo Movement taking the nation by storm, we wonder how many cans of worms are still yet to be opened in the coming days!

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