This Bali School Is Helping The Environment In The Most Sustainable Way Possible!

Learning could not be more eco-friendly. With out-of-the-box concept, this school, set amidst the heart of greenery, is inspiring people all across the globe. With bamboo being it’s building block, the school manages to set a benchmark in the field of bamboo architecture.

Here’s everything you need to know about this futuristic, artistic place : The Green School in Bali, being run by just a family of 3 is attracting eyeballs from everywhere because of it’s marvellous bamboo architecture trend. The school set near the village Ubud is celebrating a decade of it’s excellence. It has not only educated the children living in the area but also their parents about the importance of sustainable development and asymmetrical architectural structures. The founders of the school believe that correctly growing, cutting, treating, drying and laminating bamboo is capable of harnessing cutting edge clean structural models, the school in between the tropical jungle is entirely made up of bamboo and has highlighted the importance of bamboo as an environment friendly commercial building material. As far as the education system here is concerned, it educates more than 500 students from Kindergarten to class 12. The curriculum includes standard subjects, practicals and projects to build healthy ecological habits with teachers and parents both mentoring the students. The school is teaching the world ways to adapt clean and green education and will continue to exhibit it’s unparalleled architectural designs.

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