Amidst The Delhi Riots These Are The Acts That Restore Our Faith In Humanity

As North East Delhi burned in the fire of communal violence, on Tuesday over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), residents of the capital city, belonging to different communities, came together to ensure the sanctity of democracy stays intact.

“Different communities have been living peacefully in the area for a long time. Such madness is new to the area. This is the reason why we have decided to defeat the communal forces together,” Mohammed Sajid, a Yamuna Vihar resident, was quoted saying to a news daily. The locals of Yamuna Vihar formed a human chain to escort schoolchildren to safety in a gesture of humanity.

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The Gurudwaras and the Sikh Community is always first in expressing solidarity with the beleaguered. Other internet users, including Novelist Nilanjana Roy, shared that they have come across news from one part of Delhi wherein a gurudwara has opened its door to anyone who needs shelter.

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee or DSGMC, which ian autonomous organisation that manages Gurudwaras in Delhi state, has announced an ‘Ardas for Peace.’ “Join us in large number today at 6PM at Gurdwara Sri Bangla Sahib as we pray for Peace & Humanity in our Delhi”, read various tweets. 

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Nilanjana Roy further shared that, in Seelampur, Dalits blocked the roads against mobs and sheltered their neighbours belonging to another community.

The violence, which has left at least 17 people dead and 150 injured in the worst communal clashes in India’s capital in decades, happened to unfold as US President Trump made his first official visit to India and conducted meetings on Monday.

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Here’s a recap:

On Sunday, BJP leader Kapil Mishra issues an ultimatum to the Delhi police, and took out a rally against the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protest in Jaffrabad. He was only pre-empting anxiously if this area could very well become the next Shaheen Bagh. Hence this tweet followed:

According to news portals, he was also reportedly saying: They (the protesters) want to create trouble in Delhi. That’s why they have closed the roads. That’s why they have created a riot-like situation here. We have not pelted any stones. Till the US president is in India, we are leaving the area peacefully. After that we won’t listen to you (police) if the roads are not vacated.

This led to a fight between those protesting against CAA and those protesting against the protesters, and opposing groups threw stones at each other. This escalated in the morning on Monday, when heavy arson and looting was witnessed in the area and seven deaths, including of a policeman, were recorded.

The internet-sphere was riddled with pictures of blood, muck, and mire and yet we couldn’t help but focus on why oh why could Donald Trump just not pronounce Diwali with the accuracy with which he pronounced Holi!?



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