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Everything You Need To Know About The Desi Hip-Hop Diss Track Culture

From Tupac’s Hit ‘Em Up to “Killshot” by Eminem we’ve seen and heard songs which are referred to as diss tracks. A diss track is a song which is released to insult and put a fellow rapper down. A diss track is often released as a response to someone’s diss track.  The diss culture trend became immensely popular in hip-hop music, aggravated by hip-hop rivalry. This trend goes back to 1962 when Joe Tex released “You Keep Her” dissing James Brown.

In the light of recent events in the famous Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly controversy where Eminem dropped ‘Kamikaze’ dissing Kelly because of some obscene comment he passed on his daughter in 2012. He raps “Ow, Kelly, ooh, but I’m 45 and I’m still outselling you, By 29 I had three albums that had blew”.

While MGK retaliated with “Rap Devil” rapping: “Homie we get it, we know that you’re the greatest rapper alive
F**king dweeb, all you do is read the dictionary and stay inside”.

But this culture isn’t just limited to international best selling hip-hop artists and recently some events happened very close to home with our very own Indian rapper Raftaar and the growing hip-hop sensation Emiway Bantai. and This all started with Raftaar’s interview with Raaj Jones in which he tells Raaj that “Rappers paisa kama pa rahe hai? Be honest with me. Emiway jo hai vo apni taraf se laga hua sab kar raha hai par he’s not earning right now vo jab bahut saara apna khada karlega ek empire hoga tab usko shows ke milenge.”

Thus, began the series of diss tracks by Emiway and Raftaar retaliating with Emiway releasing his first diss track ‘Samajh mei aaya kya?’ in which he claims that he’ s a self-made artist without any label. He raps, “Maine Janta kamaya chote samjh mei aaya kya”. But wait! this is far from over, so let me guide you through the songs which followed.

Sheikh Chilli by Raftaar

Emiway retaliated with Giraftaar

Raftaar released “Anime Hentai”

Emiway responds with “Khatam”

Hush! Raftaar claimed that ‘Anime Hentai’ was his last diss track and now he isn’t going to continue the feud. To put an end to the entire incident, he released a live video in which he says “Ye Bigg-Boss dekhne wali janta hai inko entertainment to chahiye hi”. He also said that because of this incident, both of them got equal fame and popularity and there was no harm in it.

After this whole scenario took place, our every own Gully Boy “Ranveer Singh” posted a lip-sync video on Instagram singing “Mere Desh Premio Aapas Mei Prem Karo” tagging Emiway and Raftaar which led to a major influx of comments with both Divine and Raftaar replying. While Raftaar said “Arey bhai Nafrat nhi Nirasha hai” and Divine commenting “Apne hi kameene hote hai”. Emiway is yet to reply to this post!

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In this whole fiasco, there is no doubt that the public was thoroughly entertained as not only have the rappers become insanely popular, they’ve both made it into the consciousness of the public. As far as we’re concerned, this is reminiscent of a Bollywood drama with a tinge of masala but, it did help our desi hip-hop scene grow and now that they have our attention, we might even see some good tracks coming out of it!



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  1. Shashank Jakhmola

    Musicians have been dissing each other in Bollywood since 90s. There was this Aamir Khan film (composed by Anu Mallik). There is a scene where Aamir Khan (probably Anu) is calling the music trash done by a duo (who look a lot like Nadeem-Shravan).

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