From ‘Tithi’ to ‘Evoo’ to ‘eSport’, Oxford Dictionary Gives Space To Diversity And Feelings

Oxford Dictionary is the cardinal go-to for everything semantics and syntax, and if we are taught one thing is that unless it’s in a dictionary, it’s not a word. One can go by using the most outlandish words so long as Oxford gives it a go. This is especially important because the dictionary is now accepting and embracing words that define the mood of an evolving world. No longer is the dictionary home to quintessential tough words, or necessarily obvious ones. Now, the dictionary gives space to words that encompass emotions, diversity, and feelings. So when Oxford released it’s new words for the year, we jotted down those that are collectively important for the everyday millennial!

1. ‘Tithi’

Mia Farrow Calendar GIF

2. ‘Selfy’

Meaning Of Life GIF by Becky Chung

3. ‘Self- Diagnose’

GIF by Chelsea Handler

4. ‘Mansplain’

Mansplaining GIF

5. ‘Evoo’

Italian Cheese GIF by Rachael Ray Show

6. ‘Dickish’

Scott Disick GIF

7. ‘Deglobalisation’

Global Warming Art GIF by CalumHeath

8. ‘Co-Parenting’

Megan Fox GIF

9. ‘Aunt Flo’

Greta Gerwig Ugh GIF by A24

10. ‘2WW’

Squinting Ellen Page GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

11. ‘eSport’

Saturday Night Live GIF

12. ‘Tomgirl’

Effeminate Donald Trump GIF

13. ‘Shumai’

Chinese Food Zhong Guo Cai GIF

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