Gay Penguins In A London Zoo Are Truly The Best Way To Celebrate Pride Month

Who said only humans should celebrate the Pride Month; animals too can be bisexual or pansexual or homosexual and deserve to celebrate this month as much as we do. And the ZSL London Zoo is winning at this as it celebrates their famous gay penguin couple- Ronnie and Reggie.

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To celebrate the pair and other LGBTQ+ animal couples, the zoo will give a ‘pride makeover’ to its Zoo Night event on July 5, a day before London will holds its annual Pride parade. Besides the regularly scheduled Zoo night festivities, visitors will also be taught about same-sex couples across the animal kingdom. Zookeepers have even designed a special banner for the Penguin Beach home where the Humboldt penguins’ couple and other gay members live. “Some penguins are gay. Get over it”, reads the banner that honours Stonewall’s “Get Over It” campaign against LGBTQ+ bullying.

Ronnie and Reggie have come a long way since they got together in 2014. They adopted an egg in 2015 and shared parenting duties of their chick Kyton until he fledged the nest. Though their little birdie is no longer so little any more, Ronnie and Reggie are still head over heels in love and are often found cuddling up with each other. ZSL London Zoo is also home to some 93 penguins in total, and Ronnie and Reggie aren’t the only same-sex couple reportedly. They have same-sex couples Nadja and Zimmer, and Dev and Martin as their buddies. This is unarguably what true equality stands for!


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