Here’s Why We Body Shame

It has become the norm to criticise aspects of our bodies as some type of bonding experience with friends – if we all hate our bodies; it somehow makes us feel connected and united.  Body-shaming (criticising yourself or others because of some aspect of physical appearance) can lead to a vicious cycle of judgement and criticism.

I spoke to a few people and the answer was if you are not secure and at peace with who you are and what your body image is, you will keep running down others and pointing out there fat quotient to feel better about yourself and your body image.

According to psychotherapist Sonal Sood, we have been conditioned to see beauty a certain way when someone is not a particular body type, we also attach many judgements besides deeming them unattractive we think they’re lazy, they have bad food habits etc. She says that we judge the outside easily and there’s constant reminders of what our bodies should look like,what we should fit into. She suggests we avoid this attitude in children by talking about the importance of being fit and healthy, not initiating conversations around exercise and weight loss.

Some say it’s the media that celebrates Bollywood and Hollywood stars who are eternally young and fit.

Fitness and food consumption is something one ought to  do not to look like a Bollywood star but as mark of respect to you soul. You ought to be grateful about your life, respect your soul that after many births chose your body and since your body is the home of your soul you should give it the best nutrition and exercise you can and that will eventually take you to ‘destination fit’.

How do we overcome it? Think of people who celebrate their body for what it can do, and people who refuse to comment on others’ physical appearances.  Spending time with these people can be especially helpful while you are struggling with your own internalised body-shaming, and help you view yourself – and others – more positively.

Next time you speak to someone, remember, there is a lot to discover about a person- how they appear is the least relevant! Compliment people on who they are what they do what they say not how they look.

What are your thoughts?

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