India Art Fair 2019: All The Installations You Should Check Out

The 11th edition of India Art Fair has kicked off in New Delhi; and like every year, the annual affair boasting of creativity and ingenuity won’t disappoint you this time either. With galleries from across the world showcasing their exhibitions, art lovers are in for a treat as they get to witness art from Bangladesh as well America under one roof! We were agog the whole time with the installations, we suggest you need to make a trip to India Art Fair for. Here are our picks!

1. Gigi Scaria’s Human Pull

This bronze installation by Scaria is a dahi-handi manifestation that evokes a feeling of reliability in camaraderie.

2. Dhananjay Singh’s You Are Within Me

This stainless steel and bronze installation by Singh represented the cycle of human life.

3. Shiffali Wadhawan’s Mirror of Nature

The flora and fauna on this mirror made it for something so exquisite, while also being perfect for the typical self portraits by millennials!

4. Ravinder Reddy’s Female Head Installation

One of the more famous artists from South Asia, the fair was annotated with these “big heads” that fused pop art with cultural sensibilities!

5. David Zwirner’s Stall

David Zwirner’s exhibition stall offers something or the other for those passing by the fair; from Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkins to Ruth Asawa’s sculptures – this time the stall offered this light installation by Dan Flavin, that for better or for worse could might as well be a simple prop or an avant-garde installation. Whatever it is, this corner in the Zwirner stall deserves your attention!

6. Prixit Sharma’s Gaudhuli

This installation refers to a time of day akin to dusk. With embroidery done on Khadi, this showcased muted colour tones.

7. Neha Verma’s Layers

The installation of layered carpets with acrylic sheet was one of the most stunning art pieces that we saw. The familiarity of rug patterns, with the sublime silver elements made this such a winner!

8. Jae Yong Kim’s Donut Madness

Glazed donuts are coming! And how! Plus with some embellishment and a whole lotta bling. The myriad colours, the embroidery, the kitschiness of it all refreshed our palates for sure!

9. Promotesh Das Pulak’s Leaders’ Installation

Aung San Suu Kyi, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin welcomed us with their dismantled albeit stoic selves and trust us, the installations amused us plenty. Complex souls and pastel facades.

10. Rohit Chawla’s The Artist, Unboxed Series

Anjolie Ela Menon as Frida Kahlo? Yes please. Artists’ reimagined as artists is something we all wanted to experience but didn’t quite know how to articulate that demand. So we are exceedingly happy that Chawla made that possible.

11. Antonio Satin’s Inner Garden

The 3D carpet is a must-check-out installation, because the stunning piece is oil on canvas and that just made us wonder out aloud especially because Satin is known to have us intrigued!

12. Diana al-Hadid’s The Fortress Built On Baseless Grounds

Steel, fiberglass, polymer gypsum, plaster, metal leaf, pigment and melting dreams and aspirations. This was a haunting installation, one that will have you staring it for moments on end.

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