Italy Becomes The First Country To Include Climate Change As Part Of The Education Curriculum

Climate change is now a global phenomenon and Italy has decided to take the next step in order to inject the seeds of complete environmental knowledge all across the globe. Italy becomes the first country to include climate change as a part their educational curriculum in all Public Schools.  

The Italian government has announced that from next year, Italian students in every grade will study climate change and sustainability. This would be a major step that will put Italy at the forefront of environmental education worldwide. Annually, 33 hours will be dedicated to this subject where all the issues related to climate change will be studied and discussed. The lessons will be built into existing civics classes which will eventually become integrated throughout a variety of subjects. Sustainable development, on the other hand will appear along with the traditional subjects such as geography, math and physics.

Authorities state that the goal is to prepare the citizens for climate emergency. Italy is being appreciated world wide for making climate and sustainability the center of it’s education model.



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