All You Need To Know About ‘Kanwar Yatra’: A Spectacle Of Immense Devotion

“Bol Bam” is what the streets of India enchant during the most auspicious time of the year, Sravan, accompanied by exuberant singing and dancing by the devotees of Lord Shiva. Travelling barefoot all across Haridwar, Gaumukh, Rishikesh,the annual cultural carnival, Kanwar, is about celebrating Lord Shiva and the month of Sawan.

With the beginning of the month of Sravan or Sawan, millions of Lord Shiva devotees all across the nation embark towards their journey of Kanwar Yatra with high spirited zeal and enthusiasm. The pilgrims, also known as the Kanwariyas, fetch the holy waters of the Ganges river to pour it on various shivlings in India.

This journey of hundreds of kilometers taking numerous days and months is covered barefoot by the pilgrims who carry the holy waters on their shoulders. The festival means much more than just making Lord Shiva happy, it has a deeper meaning into it. The yatra enhances their inner power, helps them stay focused and improvises their personality. It is also about staying away from materialistic things such as combs, oils, soaps etc.

The journey terminates once the Holy waters have been poured in the Neelkanth Mahadev temples. With such a high level of energy showcased by the pilgrims, this is truly a spectacle of immense devotion.

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