Karl Lagerfeld, The Iconic Creative Director of Chanel and Fendi Has Passed Away

In a world of copy – paste with a little bit of cut every now and then is ruling the roost of fashion, the admirable genius of Karl Lagerfeld was astonishing. Definitely a force of creativity and versatility, Lagerfeld’s passing is an inexplicable loss for the fashion fraternity – and not just fashion, even.

The world of art has lost an artist who was equipped with the kind of ingenuity that it became both a cult and a niche favourite. The German designer took cultural nuances from the world and made something beautiful out of it, as was reflected everytime Fendi showed in Milan and then Chanel did, in Paris.

Karl Lagerfeld, who gave the world the interlocked alphabet of luxury as the creative director of the fashion house Chanel, was multi-faceted towards his fashion approaches. Not only did he herald powerful fashion houses Chanel and Fendi into a markedly new era, he collaborated and formed clothing lines that were affordable for the majority of us without compromising on the endearing signature of Lagerfeld’s style. His self portraits, his love affair with his eternal muse – his cat – Choupette, his runway aesthetics that saw everything from an airplane set to a beach with actual sand(!), Lagerfeld dreamt of a world run simple by aesthetics, and he manifested it onto every aspect of his job.

May his legacy be carried forward with sincerity, as we bid goodbye to the icon that was Karl Lagerfeld.


Main image courtesy: Vogue Italia / Karl Lagerfeld

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