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Kids ‘Then’ VS Kids ‘Today’

We were all kids, although we often forget that we actually lived that part of our lives. Are you also spending your life learning the art of ‘adulting’? Well, the only way to master it is this way- Do not let the child in you die.

I grew up in 1997, just in time to get lucky enough to call myself a 90’s kid. My sister, in comparison, was born in 2002. Not much of a gap there, is there? But the way we spent our childhood was a game changer. It introduced new rules and a new name. Was it hard for me, harder for our parents, or for the generation of today? Well, we don’t know. If you feel disconnected from today’s generation of kids, here is a reminder of how things used to be ‘ Then vs. Now’!


Back Then

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Pinball and minesweeper, some solitaire on other days… That’s exactly what we grew up playing. Internet or not, we couldn’t care less… because we chose to spend those endless hours on board games instead. Kids today will never know the feeling of not looking over our shoulders once and running for our lives after we rang random doorbells. Hide and seek? That WAS fun. AH! The good ol’ days!


Their entertainment? They chose to make memes. EVERYTHING IS A MEME. And today, only god knows what’ll happen if the internet ceased to exist… because clearly they can’t imagine their lives without it. These kids can’t even hold a conversation without technology. Throwback to landline calls and zero Whatsapp text messages!


Back Then

We had summer camps and what not. We actually went out to play just by the way. I was outside all the time with my friends, who wasn’t?


They go out… in virtual reality. PUBG is life, yeah? Well, clearly. These kids go out to play, yes, with their friends, also yes, on their phones. WHAT THE HELL!


Back Then

Our conversations would include the presence of the whole locality in real-time if their need be. We seldom had telephonic conversations, we hardly ever entered a chatroom. We actually met to share our hot sauce gossip we had been bottling in until we finally saw them.


You guys are killing the moment. Your conversations happen on facetime without any ‘face time’? What is this sorcery? With that constant multitasking of stalking your ex plus texting your bestie plus being on call with your crush, all your convos are pretty superficial, just saying.


Back Then

They will never know what receiving an autograph felt like. We had huge posters on the inside of our cupboards, we also had two in the bathroom of course, but never did we think of a picture with them. WHAT THE… !


You are clearly winning with this one.


Back Then

Remember when going for a night out at a friend’s took hell lot of hard work of cajoling our parents, the end result of which felt like the biggest achievement ever. How we celebrated you ask? a girl talk sesh, a pizza enjoin, some prank calls and dressing up just for fun…. all to be at home with our friends. We weren’t killing time, we were creating real moments. Our friendships lasted longer than your stupid snap streak. Btw, we still talk.


We shall talk about this one when you are in your senses! *mic drop*

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