5 Ways To Enjoy A Rainbow With Pride

One of nature’s most innocent and surreal marvels is the rainbow. The very principle behind it is to envelop a gamut of varied colours, lights, beams to form that one formidable thing which is beautiful. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red all individually wonderful in their own rights culminate into nature’s most invigorating spectacle.

But thanks to the visually appealing rainbow, the colour scheme now is representative of a myriad of things. From rainbow accessories to flags seeking equality and justice; the colours are here to stay!

1. Purchase A Rainbow Accessory

Rainbow Accessory

A stole, an umbrella, a bag, or just a simple stack of rainbow bangles; your accessories that scream poetic colour, can just as well make a sartorial frown upside down! Plus the magical dance of all those colours will be perfect for summer, for monsoon, for life.

2. Relish In A Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

These cakes are quite the treat. Inside the smooth, flowery texture of white, these spongy layers of colourful sweetness is one to die for! With every bite you taste a different feeling, a different joy, a different zing. Take a big slice of this cake, because it doesn’t judge you, it embraces you, it makes your palate feel at home.

3. Invest In A Rainbow Holiday

Rainbow Holiday

Forget all those smarmy holidays where you can shop till you drop, or those where each Instagram check-in is unavoidable; instead take this climatic opportunity to go to the highest hill you can find and sit under a canopy of clouds waiting for a ubiquitous yet subtle rainbow. Let it know that even though it’s far, far away -you can see it right with your heart full of love and hope.

4. Draw A Rainbow In Your Notebook

Rainbow In Your Notebook

Usually the first foray of every child into the world of art is drawing a rainbow. We mean, it was basically picking up several crayons and utilizing one too many papers, and sometimes even wall. The acceptance of the rainbow as an accessible art form was wide, and why wouldn’t it be? So make it again. Reach out for that unadulterated innocence you had as a kid, where you had no biases and stringent opinions, and pick up a crayon. And draw a rainbow.
5. Educate Yourself In Various Types of Rainbows

Various Types of Rainbows

Whether it’s a painting, or an element of life, or an annotation of how love spreads its wings equally without discrimination; learn how you can alter bits of your life with a little bit of rainbow. Take pride in how blessed you are, and how the world is a wonderful place, full of colours and sprinkles. Full of new tomorrows, and burgeoning skies that gleam with seven streams of magic!

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