Lucknow University To Start A Course In Happiness For A Better Student Life

Lucknow University is set to start ‘Education for Happiness’ course in the M.Ed curriculum from the next academic year in order to teach the real concept of happiness to the students and familiarise them with its Indian concept, said Professor Amita Bajpai, Education Department.

“Course will be optional and offered in M.Ed. It will be inter-disciplinary, so all PG students can opt for it. It will be introduced from next year after the Academic Council’s approval,” Prof Bajpai told a news agency.

“Children are looking for happiness in the wrong places, their concept of happiness is false. Happiness comes from within but they look for it in the material world. We want to tell them the real concept of happiness and familiarise them with its Indian concept,” she added.

“The real purpose of education is accomplished only through this course. We believe that an educated person’s life should be better than an uneducated man’s but the reality is something else. The more educated a person is, the more he is focused on competition and is anxious,” said Amita Bajpai.

The professor asserts that after students pursue this course, a change will definitely be seen in society.”Recently US President Donald Trump’s wife (Melania Trump) visited a school (in Delhi) where happiness is practised with the students there. I have read about that school. Students there practice happiness and stay happy. It is important to identify the indicators of stress and happiness,” she further added.


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