How To Make Sense Of All The News Around You

Ignorance is bliss. And these words never seemed truer than in today’s climate. There is an influx of news that is all but cheery and happy. For that matter there are times when you feel like you want to do so much about everything, but ultimately all you can do is discuss and dwell on any issue. So how do you make sense of all of these news around you? Well we can help you with it. Just answer these questions!

#1 How Does It Affect You 

Are you personally affected or are you detachedly affected? Does it make you feel sad or happy or angry? And when you feel those things, do you react like a really personal thing has just occurred? It is important to know how any piece of news, or information -whether entertainment or world affairs – make you feel vulnerable or afraid.

#2 What Can You Do About It

Is there something you can do about what is happening around you? If you are truly bothered by something, is there a way you can either improve it or change the present state? Because if you can’t actively do anything about something that is genuinely bothering you, there is only so much stress you can take because of it. Stop trying to rationalize it and move on.

#3 Are You Prone To Being Stressed

Very importantly – are you easily stressed out? Maybe your tolerance threshold is low; maybe you feel exposed quickly; maybe maybe maybe. However, one thing is for sure, something like the news or what is happening around should never ever have a power over you in a way that you constantly feel stressed. Don’t focus on the dreariness of it all when you already know the outcome will be detrimental to your mental peace.

#4 Would You Be Better Off Not Knowing

This is super pertinent a point to ponder on. Ask yourself this -if you would genuinely be better off without the information overload. If you would genuinely be at a calmer place if you stop concentrating on things that don’t directly bother you, i.e, not obsessing over every bit of news!

#5 Does It Urge You To Do Something

This is something different from if you can do something. Do you feel that reading something or observing something or watching something makes you turn a new leaf and decide on changing the present normative? Do you feel that you need to actively get into the groove of things and change it all for the better? Does it make you want to be more empathetic, more charitable, more sympathetic? If so, you should definitely garner as much information and do something positive!

#6 Are You Now Thinking Differently

This is the ultimate test. Does all the information and opinions make you alter your state of mind? Do you feel that you are able to be transformative? Do you believe that understanding the world around you makes you a more learned and evolved person? If a piece of information is doing that, then you are definitely on the right track!





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