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History Will Be Made As Male Cheerleaders Take Stage During Superbowl 2019

Long since the days of cheering other athletes to victory, cheerleaders have always been in the limelight. Glittery outfits, fluffy pom-poms, big smiles and plenty of pep; cheerleaders always look glamourous. The seemingly fabulous world of cheerleading in professional sport is an alluring one. One so beguiling that it’s given provisional status as an Olympic sport.

Though cheerleading began as an all-male university back in the 1800s, it has always been a woman dominated sport. But now, two men are all set to make history at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta this year. Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies will be the first-ever male cheerleaders who will support their team, Los Angeles Rams at the Super Bowl.

Though auditions had never technically specified gender, no male ever tried out for the Rams cheer squad in the last 80 years. A few men registered but never showed. Now Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies did. And for the first time, two men will grace the Super Bowl as they dance in front of thousands of fans under the bright lights and TV cameras of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Don’t forget to tune in on February 3rd if you want to witness the graceful and flawless dances, and the creative lifts and tosses of Peron and Jinnies with the rest of the team.

BTW, both of them made history earlier as well alongside Jesse Hernandez as the first male cheerleaders in the NFL. And now they can’t wait for Sunday night.


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