Jokha Alharthi Becomes The First Arab Woman To Win The Man Booker Prize

 Literature unites and divides the world in equal measure. It breathes imagination into our dreary lives, and it takes us to perceptions that jolt us out of our comfortable reality. Literature often delves deep into issues that we are too afraid to talk about because the spoken word offers a streamlined understanding whereas the written word seeks a bevy of interpretations. Books are the doorways to a world untapped and at our behest. So when literature is ground breaking, iconic, transformative, and ingenuous. The world better notice, and notice they did.

The prestigious Man Booker Prize for 2019 just made history, as the award went to an Arab author for the very first time. And not just an Arab; an Arab woman has won the Booker this year. Omani author Jokha Alharthi has won the prize for her book Celestial Bodies, which she will be sharing with her English translator Marilyn Booth.

Her book is a coming-of-age tale of three sisters living in a village in Oman who battle love, loss, and touch upon the issue of slavery.

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