Guess What? Delhi Isn’t The Most Polluted City In India. Find Out Which One Is.

With the pollution level rising and air quality dipping, Delhi is struggling to breathe. While we are not denying the fact, it’s important to mention that Delhi is not the worst case of the country.

Delhi, being the national capital, undoubtedly garnered maximum attention regarding pollution, but it, in fact, is the 14th most polluted Indian city. According to reports online, while Delhi air quality remains ‘poor’ at AQI 283, there are still cities out there with AQI of more than 400. These cities are turning into gas chambers and posing life threatening risks to the people.

The average AQI calculated showed that Jind in Haryana had the most toxic air among 97 cities analysed as its AQI was at 448. Jind was followed by Baghpat (AQI 440), Ghaziabad (440), Hapur (436), Lucknow (435), Moradabad (434), Noida (430), Greater Noida (428) and Kanpur (427) in UP, and Sirsa (426) in Haryana. These 10 Indian cities are currently the most polluted and are in immediate need of attention and action.

There are only four cities in India with ‘good’ air quality, of which two are in Kerala. Eloor, a suburb of Kochi in Kerala, recorded the best air quality with an AQI of 25. Eloor is followed by Thane near Mumbai (AQI 45), Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala (AQI 49) and Kota in Rajasthan (AQI 50).


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