Ditch Your Pants Right Now, Here’s Why

All of us wear many ‘pants’, on a day to day basis. Nothing, however, can beat ‘no pants’. We mean won’t you take every chance to let your lovely legs breathe and stretch and bend and kick however they want. In fact the Romans thought pants were for barbarians, and now we all wear them.

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We wear pants because most of us feel socially pressurized to do so. But on any given day, if I break free from all societal norms and can wear whatever I want, chances are you’ll catch my legs running amok, free of any fabric-created constrictions. And I suggest you should, too. You actually feel most at ease when there are no pants. So why confine and suffocate your legs within stifling garments, when you can easily opt for more forgiving clothes.

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And it’s absolutely possible to do casual chic without reducing yourself to pants. Wear your skirts, dresses and even t-shirt dresses and flaunt your beautiful legs. By this we don’t mean pants should be given up only to show off your legs, it’s entirely for the purpose of comfort. But if you can kill two birds with one stone then why not? Plus, they are versatile. So spread the word and talk no pants. And if you are the one who wears the ‘pants’ in your relationship, show this to your partner too.

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