This Company Gives Non-Smoking Employees Extra Days Off To Make Up For Smoke Breaks

Cigarettes breaks are those quick breaks that allow smokers to spend more time off the desk than non-smokers. If you add those few minutes of smoke break at the end of the day, smokers spend more time outside the office than their non-smoking counterparts.

And one company in Japan, where smoking is deeply ingrained into culture, decided to do something about it. After a non-smoking employee submitted a complaint about how smoke breaks were affecting productivity, marketing firm Piala Inc. made a change to its paid time off policy. The company granted non-smoking staff an additional six days off each year to make up for the time smokers take for cigarette breaks.

The change in company policy is intended to encourage staff to quit smoking. Takao Asuka, CEO of the Piala Inc. said, “I hope to encourage employees to quit smoking through incentives rather than penalties or coercion”.


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