Runners In This Race Face Disqualification If They Litter During The Event

Conwy Half Marathon-one of north Wales’ biggest sports events has gone a step ahead of everyone to protect the environment. Ahead of the event on November 17, organisers have implemented a rule threatening to disqualify runners if they drop litter during the race.

Conwy Half Marathon organisers state that the measures have been introduced in a bid to tackle the “increasing problem” of plastic waste. It is the largest event of its kind in north Wales, with more than 3,000 runners taking part. According to the Run Wales website, participants run the risk of being ‘taken off the results” if seen improperly discarding their rubbish. Instead, runners are suggested to leave their litter at the nearest water station or with the closest marshal when a bin is not available. Organisers, however, have not yet said if anybody had been disqualified following the race.

Run Wales is one of a growing number of race organisers that are implementing strict new rules to help reduce the environmental impact of sporting events. In April 2019, the London Marathon introduced several measures to tackle plastic pollution after clearing 47,000 plastic bottles from the streets in 2018. This year’s Cardiff Half Marathon used 100% recyclable plastic bottles, recycled paper for all print advertising and medals made from recycled zinc.

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