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Barcelona Orders Public Pools To Let Women Swim Topless

Barcelona has just set new standards of gender-equality as the city council has issued an order to public swimming pools, saying women must be allowed to swim topless. This initiative has been taken as forcing ladies to cover up amounts

Abhinandan Varthaman Likely To Be Honoured With The Vir Chakra

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s cool composure and dignity while he was held captive in Paskistan won the nation’s heart. Bruised, battered and bleeding from his face, but what stood out was his calmness as he gave his name and service

15 Indian Books With Covers Almost As Good As The Stories

We get the idea of e-books, we do. We understand the portability, and the accessibility, and the ease -but there is hardly any comparison between these and the grossly underrated hardcover / paperback books which adorn our bookshelves, and create