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Pant Suits That Are Perfect For Corporate Parties

Whether you have an important meeting to attend or a corporate party, pant suits are a great option to wear. They look chic and you really don’t have to put in too much effort to look good. Here are some

You Can Now Plant Your Underwear To Save The Planet

If you thought the headline was just a click bait, you are mistaken. While many fashion brands are trying to go the sustainable way to reduce the sector’s environmental impact, there are certain garments that still remain problematic – like

Just Proof That 2022 Was Deepika Padukone’s Year

It’s good to own a year and Deepika Padukone can truly claim 2022 as her year. Fanning the flames of fame the actor notched the popularity and glam quotient in more ways than one, so lets do a quick recap

Ladies, Here Are 5 Hacks To Make Your Nail Paint Last Longer

Trying pretty hard to make sure your nail paint lasts longer? Well, maybe you haven’t tried these amazing hacks that work wonderfully. Here goes. Thank us later!  UV Light Most of the salons these days have a UV Light device

Here’s How You Can Make The Most Searched Recipe Of 2022

Do you know what was the most searched recipe on the internet this year? No, it’s not Biryani or Kheer. It’s the oh-so-yummy Paneer Pasanda. If you too want to make this delicious meal, here’s the full recipe. First, prepare