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11-Year-Old Indian Girl Climbs Africa’s Highest Peak Mt. Kilimanjaro

She’s only 11-years-old, but scaling new heights, literally. At this tender age, Alvira Tripathi, a Delhi-based mountaineer has become the second-youngest Asian girl to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. It took Alvira seven days to complete her Kilimanjaro expedition-

RIP VW Beetle! The Love Bug Is No More

The end of an era has befallen us as another VW Beetle rolled off an assembly line into eternity in Puebla, Mexico. It wasn’t any other Beetle that rolled off, but rather it was the last of its kind. After

China Bans Men From Showing Skin

China Bans Men From Showing Skin

Every summer, as the Chinese cities swelter under baking heat, a quintessential part of summer life also comes to surface. Middle-aged men across the country roll up the shirts barring their bellies to cool themselves down. It’s in fact, a

Jaipur Is Declared A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The world is moving at a pretty fast pace; almost everything is changing its face. However, Jaipur in Rajasthan has never lost its erstwhile charm in the name of development; the royal corridors of the Pink City blend heritage and