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Happy To Envy To Lonely: Books For Every Mood

Call me a mundane, boring homebody – but the charm of books for me, is unparalleled, no series – no movie – nothing can match the music of words as they dance in front of my eyes weaving a story

7 Women Mathematicians Who Are Super Inspiring

How many mathematics prodigies are you aware about? While Einstein, Newton, Aryabhata are at the tip of our tongues, can we say the same when it comes to women mathematical geniuses? Women have been discouraged to apply their minds to

6 Ways Women Can Support Other Women

From helping you out with a spare sanitary towel in office, to checking if your dress is all okay in the middle of a busy street, to taking your sides against every philandering boy you have ever met. Women are

6 Ways In Which You Can Work To Save The Wildlife

“Tyger tyger burning bright, in the forest of the night”, we all have heard this and now is the high time to save that burning wildlife, after all, we owe our very existence to our wild life. So, we present

These Women Padma Awardees Enhance Our Faith In Humanity

The lionhearted yet humble, Mahatma Gandhi stated, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Sometimes the unarmed, but brave, have the greater power. It’s an under-examined quality that can change the world. And when real life provides