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6 Indian Men Who Redefined Masculinity And Changed The Game

Let’s face it! Indian men don’t exactly have the best rep around. It is an accepted fact that long before the ancient Texans and the modern Wahhabis, it was us Indians who discovered the Zero, invented the flying machine (not

6 Ways Millennials Can Escape The Fake News Menace

The real news nowadays amongst the slew of fake news is the damage that the latter does. Especially in a media conscious and opinionated country. Also a country where divisive ideologies are the most ubiquitous fodder. Now I know that

Kids ‘Then’ VS Kids ‘Today’

We were all kids, although we often forget that we actually lived that part of our lives. Are you also spending your life learning the art of ‘adulting’? Well, the only way to master it is this way- Do not

6 Times You Accidentally Body-Shamed Someone

Whether super skinny, or super curvy, or super athletic, or super ripped. Whatever body one might have they will either induce observation/critique /jealousy. So it’s not necessarily that you can only body-shame someone who is overweight or plus size. You

5 Authors Who Inspired Bollywood Filmmakers

Bollywood runs on the fuel of inspiration. And inspiration, like creativity knows no bounds. And if there’s anything that Bollywood seeks inspiration from, other than biopics; it’s books. The industry found novelty in literary masterpieces and has always focused on

Anupam Kher Resigns As FTII Chief; To Appear On International TV Show

Anupam Kher has resigned from the position of Chairman of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. The actor has cited a commitment to ‘international assignments’ as the reason.  It has been an honour, a privilege & a great learning experience to