This Artist Is Using Bookshelves To Talk About Important Things, Including The COVID 19 Outbreak

A week ago artist Phil Shaw put out a picture on his rather reclusive Instagram page, the world didn’t entirely get the whiff of it however up until a few days ago, and then a day ago it gained popularity on Twitter. And, as they say, once you are Twitter famous that’s it, you are a trend.

But, what is it that makes Phil Shaw’s bookshelf art so compelling? Well, simply put, the covers and the titles tell an entirely different story from the stories that are nestled within the pages.

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Infrequently asked questions

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Almost like tiny tales, the art spells out sayings such as: What Is This Thing Called Love? You Can Call It What You Like; What Makes The World Go Around? A Clockwork Orange.

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More FAQ’s

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Can Women Regenerate Society? Anything’s Possible

Recently, however Shaw shared a bookshelf piece that was centred around the word quarantine, keeping in mind the COVID 19 outbreak that is plaguing the entire world.

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Shelf isolation 2 – the story so far…

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Spelling the titles out, the message was,

The English Patient Had Caught It On The Beach I Should Have Stayed Home She Said Now She Was In Quarantine In The Dark House Of Splendid Isolation Still

Even the books evoke the good message of social distancing as a way to mitigate the pandemic’s highly contagious outbreak!

Check out more of Phil Shaw’s bookshelf art here.

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