Lady Diana’s Classic Personal Style Gets A Tribute By Supermodel Hailey Bieber

The decade of the 90s was exemplary, for so many of us, it was the Golden decade of everything that became culturally relevant. The world grew up together, in a cultural renaissance, from the advent of the dot com to cycling shorts to video-games to mixed tapes to light blue high-waisted denims. Today we look back to the icons of this renaissance, and wish for when personal style and individuality oozed more than anything else. For example the glorious style of Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. Her inimitable style full of athleisure, casual equestrian vibes, minimal statement jewellery even though can’t be mirrored, it can always inspire. And inspire it did. Supermodel Hailey Bieber, daughter of Stephen Baldwin and wife of Justin Bieber, has tried to relive and recall the legendary fashion style of Lady Di in her new shoot for Vogue Paris.

The shoot comes in days before Lady Diana’s 22nd death anniversary, and is causing quite the stir on the internet. The street-style of Princess Diana has often been popular in terms of the contrast it sought against what could have been something predictable and familiar. However, much like her persona – Princess Diana’s style was all about creative expression, choice, agency, and subtle rebellion. Recently, an Instagram account obsessed with 90s style began popularizing this style of the People’s Princess once again.

And now, thanks to Vogue Paris and Bieber the world can feel the sartorial touch of the loved princess. And dare we say, the resemblance and the attention to detail is getting us all nostalgic with its bittersweet undertones!¬†It truly is a delight to see the legacy of the Princess being taken forward, especially when it isn’t marred with any ideal gossip or conspiracy theories. A humble homage to a humble princess.



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