7 Simple Ways To Close The Wage Gap

Equal pay is still a long distant dream. Women all around are working and sweating as hard as men but often don’t take home the same salary. It’s high time that we roll up our sleeves and take things on our own hands. After all, if it costs more to be a woman, then why get paid less?

Here are all the simple ways for you to solve this inequity once and for all.

1. Ask for it

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Don’t shy away from asking your company to pay you what others are paid at your level. It’s not your responsibility to work this out; it’s your company’s. But when it doesn’t happen as expected, you need to step in.

2. Know your worth

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This is for all the women out there! When you know your skills well, you can become more or over qualified for the job.

3. Share your stories

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Change will never happen unless you talk amongst yourselves. Share your experiences and listen to others as they drive empathy, which influence people to act.

4. Be transparent about pay

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This usually doesn’t happen, but when you share what you’re being paid, it’s a huge step towards closing the wage gap. Without transparency, we can never measure where we really need to go.

5. Bring in leaders with an equality mindset

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Another giant step forward is amplifying leaders with an equality mindset. Organizations with leaders who incorporate the purpose of equality also promote a similar environment that definitely influences his/her peers and colleagues.

6. Raise your voice against wage gap

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Making your voice heard is quite easy in the era of social media. Discuss the issue on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and educate and spread awareness. Even writing in a newspaper column will go a long way. Give it a try!

7. At last

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Smash the patriarchy!

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