World, Wake Up! More Than 11,000 Scientists Worldwide Declare A Climate Emergency

An international consortium of more than 11,000 scientists is backing a study with a dire warning- our Mother Earth is facing a climate emergency.

The study, by the scientists, are based on how human activities have impacted the planet over the past four decades and declares that harmful greenhouse gas emissions are rapidly rising and that governments are failing to address the crisis. The research, led by ecologists William Ripple and Christopher Wolf at Oregon State University addresses six key areas, including the planet’s swelling population, in which governments, businesses and members of the public can make critical changes. According to the researchers, family planning services and other social justice efforts that promote full gender equity should be enacted to help stabilize the world’s population, which is increasing by approximately 80 million people per year.

Further, the study also claims countries should replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources while also investing in technologies to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Governments should also end subsidies to fossil fuel companies and wealthier countries should support poorer nations in transitioning to cleaner energy sources. Climate change mitigation efforts should mainly focus on protecting and restoring ecosystems such as forests, coral reefs, savannas and wetlands, which naturally absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they added.

The study also says people should eat mostly plant-based food, which will improve health and lower greenhouse gas emissions from livestock, and economies should prioritize carbon-free initiatives and sustaining ecosystems, rather than focusing on GDP growth and the pursuit of affluence.

Urgent action is needed, the researchers caution, “to avoid untold suffering due to the climate crisis”.



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