Hyderabad-Based Boy Creates ‘Smart Bangles’ For Women Safety

Women safety is a major concern in India. While there’s no denying that India has come a long way, we still have a lot to do. Amidst all these, a young boy from Hyderabad came up with a brilliant idea of bringing together fashion and safety. 

23-year-old Gadi Harish, along with his friend Sai Teja, has invented a smart bangle to enhance the security of women. The device called ‘Self-Security Bangle for Women’ is activated when a woman tilts her arm at a specific angle. The tilt gives an electric shock to the attacker holding the woman’s arm. Not just that, it simultaneously also sends live location and SOS messages to relatives and cops to raise an alert about the threatening situation.

The increasing rate of rape and missing cases of women, despite taking several safety measures prompted Harish to develop this project. While the prototype is already impressive, Harish and his friends are now seeking government support to develop and manufacture it. We hope the bangles see the light of the day soon because looking at the current scenario, India is indeed in need of it.

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