Apparently, This Change Of Diet May Help You Fight Climate Change

This would probably be one of the worst news for all those non-veg lovers out there! But, if you want to make your contribution towards climate change, then say no to meat, stop eating those burgers which are responsible for maximum meat consumption world wide. Confused how eating vegetarian food will help our Mama Earth? We’ll tell you how.

Well, we all know how much we love our meat and the meat industry has always been in huge demand and a massive share of meat goes into the burgers we love gorging on a regular basis. To begin with, one third portion of freshwater is used for raising livestock, so less freshwater for us. One third of the arable land is used to grow feed for livestock which is responsible for 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Even our forests have been cleared to feed the cattle! Moreover, when the world’s one and a half billion meat produce ruminates, the microbes in their stomachs generate methane as a by-product. Because methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, some twenty-five times more heat-trapping than carbon dioxide, cattle are responsible for two-thirds of the livestock sector’s greenhouse gas emission. Harmful for our planet, right!

Also, eating meat can increase the chances of cardio vascular diseases and colorectal cancer and recent studies show that devoted meat eaters are 23 percent more likely to die sooner than vegetarians. So, think before you buy your next non-veg burger as it is harmful for you as well as your planet and have that delicious VEGGIE BURGER instead!


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