This Rakhi Gift Your Sibling These 7 Unique Experiences

Rakhi is right around the corner. Well, what are you planning to get your sibling this year? A box of chocolates….again? That best-seller? Um….a fountain pen? Aren’t you sick of these age old suggestions? Why not beat the cliché! Plan an activity behind your sibling’s back and surprise them with it on Rakhi! This year, don’t give an item.

Instead, pull out that credit card and give them a memorable experience, that neither of you will forget! Here are 7 raksha bandhan gift ideas that may be breaching the terms of a budget, but will be really special!

1. Movie Time

Get your Bond glasses on and get ready to splurge a bit. Y’all need a day out! So go on and book a ticket for you and your sibling(s), without their knowledge. And when you reveal your gift, don’t be modest about it! Go all out and be super excited! Oh and if you’re sibling is in the mood to play “the giver”, deny it. Don’t take a nickel. Go and enjoy a good movie together!

2. Go for some Fine-Dining

This is probably something you only do with your bosses, friends and your partner. You probably hesitate to spend so much on family! But hey, you only get one sibling (maybe two, three or even eight at times) So don’t hesitate. Make a reservation at the hippest, latest fine-dining restaurant in town. Make sure they serve food you know your sibling will like! Have a blast eating and fancying it up!

3. Mini Road-Trip

You don’t hesitate to plan road trips with your BFFs. Why hesitate when it’s your sibling! It’s your chance to rekindle your bond. Go on a drive along the country-side or visit all the monuments, museums and art galleries in town! It’ll give you a chance to bond and to have a mini-adventure. Don’t just sit at home exchanging chocolate boxes. Put your travel boots on and visit the fanciest bakery for some chocolate!

4. Paintball

If you want to fight on Rakhi, you’ve got to do it right! Hunt for the nearest Paintball joint and get some money ready! You and you’re sibling are going to settle pointless arguments the old-fashioned way; some good ol’ Paintball ought to do the trick! You’ll have so much fun hurting each other that by the end of it, you might just end up on the same team! Think about it!

5. Sports!

There’s nothing more trivial for a sibling relationship than some tension, competitions and some teamwork. So gather some ideas for an ideal sport that both you and your sibling will enjoy! And you know what? Let the whole family join in! It could be parents versus kids! This’ll give you all an opportunity to do something energetic, active and exciting together! Games like cricket, volleyball, bowling and ping-pong are good options! Your job is to set it all up without your sibling finding out and to cleverly lure them into the arena! Think you can manage that?

6. Board Games

Here’s a budget-free one for you! Board games! There isn’t a group of siblings on earth who haven’t played board games in their childhood. I’m sure you have a favorite! So go to the attic and dig out that old board game from the archives! Its time y’all to go at it again and see who remains the undefeated champion! This will also give you an opportunity to go down memory lane! So be it a game of Monopoly or a game of Black Jack (that’ll be interesting), get sneaking!

7. Take Them Shopping

If all else fails, here’s the last resort. Take them out shopping for presents. The least you can do is ensure that they get a gift of their choice and not settle with your horrible, lazy excuse for a gift- sad Mr. Chocolate Box. Turn this session into a hangout and make use of that quality time that you both needed.

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