VIT Students Design A Car That Drives Over 120 Kilometers In Only 1 Litre Of Petrol

Hurray! We are another step closer to Green India.

Consider it a miracle if you will but a team of 20 students, Eco Titans of Vellore Institute of Technology, have done it by building an energy-efficient car, Decimas. We couldn’t ever imagine that to drive 129 kms we need only 1 ltr of Petrol!

Shell Eco Marathon, a unique global competition programme provides a platform to student teams across the world to design and build ultra- energy efficient cars. The team lead and member of Eco Titans- Sanjeev Kumar while talking about his journey said “I have been working on Decimas from December 2017 and we have had numerous obstacles on the way. The path to a successful run has often been blocked with repeated failures. Even after months of testing, we failed over 25 times during the test-run. But, after all of this, when we finally had a breakthrough with the first successful drive, it was majestic.”

Exhaustive cars are one of the top reasons for pollution, and increased carbon footprint in people. With hybrids, albeit expensive, entering the market the pressure has been less however there is still a long road to cover in terms of the environment degradation the automobile industry is responsible for. We are absolutely chuffed that students from India have tried to forward this mission through Decimas!





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