6 Ways Women Can Support Other Women

From helping you out with a spare sanitary towel in office, to checking if your dress is all okay in the middle of a busy street, to taking your sides against every philandering boy you have ever met. Women are other women’s biggest support system; the millennials call it a tribe, and we are thoroughly thankful for it! But amidst societal pressure, ego-tussles, and one-upmanship sometimes our biggest support system tends to falter. But this is how you can lift your sister-tribe up, scroll down!

1. No Body Shaming

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Society has conditioned women to be conscious about their bodies. So much so, that they don’t look at another woman with a perspective of anything that isn’t from the vantage point of superficial beauty. So, no don’t talk about weight, its really as simple as that. Don’t call someone fat, don’t call someone skinny – try to be a woman who can talk about things other than just looks!

2. No Slut Shaming

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Yes, a girl can have more than one partner and yes sometimes she can wish to be in an open-relationship, and surely she has many guy friends. But as her girl friend, or just a girl acquaintance don’t dilute her relationships to something as reprehensible as casting aspersions on her character. Do you also count the number of girls she has in her cohort? No, right? Then why the discrimination?!

3. No Doubts Over Strength

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A woman’s strength is infinite. It manifests in ways – emotional, mental, and physical – that a man cannot even fathom. Not that that is a competition, however don’t diminish her strength by making her feel that fierceness doesn’t become her because of her gender. Don’t constantly ask her to be polite, don’t ask her to limit her authority when need be because a man might feel insecure.

4. No Politics Over Power

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If a woman is powerful, and she has had support in exercising that power, chances are she has done something iconic and historical. A woman’s power is so uninhibited and rare that it is hardly in vain. Look at the roles women take up around you – would you not want positive connotations to power? Help them get there. Empower them because they deserve it, don’t let pettiness come over.

5. No Ambition Shaming

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Women have fought and overcome years of subjugation to be where they are today; so don’t take their ambition lightly. Lift your sister up! If she is on a road to advance in her career, and she is focussed, don’t try to contain her ambition by haranguing her with regards to her wanting to “settle down”. Maybe her professional success is what settling down means to her. Help her achieve that dream, and she will help you achieve yours!

6. No Judgement

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We all do it, and we should all stop it. Don’t judge other women; if you feel something is amiss in their life, instead of turning it into something frivolous talk it out with them. Every morning when a woman leaves her house, whether for work or for errands, she goes through a relentless list of people pulling her down. Don’t be one of those people. Don’t underestimate what she is going through. Don’t judge.





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