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Yoga Asanas for Headaches

Goodbye Headache, As These Yoga Asanas Come To Your Easy Rescue

Yoga is an interesting phenomenon. You feel the rush of adrenaline and endorphins without the sudden drop-down of energy thereafter. You feel refreshed, you feel warm, you feel comforted, you feel like you are indispensable. Yoga gets you a rush

benefits of wine

First Pasta, Now Wine Apparently Helps You Lose Weight

Well, wine is often considered the least bit of villainous in the hierarchy of consumable ills. It supports good health, and has a nice fruity taste, and probably doesn’t end up making you get yourself in situations that are violent

Did You Know: There’s A Diet Where People Only Eat Air

Fitness trends are going places; those times are long gone when fitness was just confined to physical workouts. From Zumba to Aquatic to Pranic, well-being has come a long way and so did people. Fitness enthusiasts are exploring the ever

The Beginners Guide To A Yogic Diet

A Yogic Diet is something suggested you to imbibe as you begin to enter the meditative and calming world of Yoga. But other than understanding that this is basically a vegetarian diet, a lot of us aren’t sure of what

8 Easy Switches To Make In Your Diet If You Have PCOS

PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is a lifestyle disorder that has gone through quite an upsurge in the past two decades. It involves imbalance of the hormones in the female body and usually has symptoms like irregular periods, facial