5 Foods That Will Work As The Ideal Anti – Pollution Diet

The air is absolutely worse; it is like Armageddon and Apocalypse had a baby and that baby decided to reign over Delhi – NCR. Well, basically. Now with the air purifiers, and masks our external may be well, however what about that which is inside. What about our immunity that is now very very vulnerable? Well – if you make some alterations in your diet you can actually make yourself more capable of face the pollution. 

So, here are those five very important food items!

1. Broccoli

Loaded with Vitamin C, which ups your antioxidant  intake and it is something that your body doesn’t automatically produce so you need to rely on manual intake. Vitamin C rich food like Broccoli will get rid of all the toxins in your body – and boy do you need that right now!

2. Olive Oil

This, aside from all the other benefits, is also a rich source of Vitamin E, which helps give protection against pollution that could trigger asthma attacks, and also protects your lungs from respiratory ailments.

3. Chia Pudding

Chia is a superfood, and it is loaded with Omega 3 that directly reduces inflammation caused by pollution. Aside from that, Chis is also essential for the good health of our brain and heart.

4. Carrots

These are your best friend anyway come winter, so might as well just include them in your diet! Good as an anti- inflammatory, promoting your eye health, and giving your immunity a brilliant boost. Plus – carrots just mean gajar ka halwa, which is a staple this time of the season anyway!

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes come with lycopene that reduced airway inflammation and protects body against respiratory diseases. So try including the juiciness of tomato in your meals!

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