5 Reasons Why Meditation Is Good For You

As we grow older, and as we realise that our lives are increasingly stressful and difficult with the tensions of the world, environment, pandemics, and whatnot. However, there is only so much we can do to control the external factors, what we can though is to centre ourselves in a way that calms us down, and makes sure we don’t fall prey to unnecessary stress. Enter – meditation. The calming effects of meditation are plenty, and you can do it for as little as a few minutes, and as much as hours on end. With some peaceful music, or some invigorating chanting, some aromatic incense sticks, and some quiet time in a cosy corner – meditation is absolutely beneficial and comforting.

Here are the 5 benefits that you feel thanks to meditation. 

1. It De-stresses you

The essentials required in meditation basically hint at you surrendering yourself to complete calm. Sure, there are distractions lodged in your brain and sure your mind keeps wandering – but if you let yourself feel the power of meditation, it can destress you instantly. But its mandatory you adapt yourself to proper meditation, i.e. you find a comfortable corner, you limit noise, you play some smooth music, and you breathe in a relaxed manner.

2. Enhances your Concentration

As we mentioned in the first point, it is important to shut the world around you if you want to be successful at meditating. But soon enough, and gradually – you will realise that your concentration increases not just during meditation but in other parts of your life too. You learn the trick of imbibing that what is necessary and useful, and dismissing that which is filler noise.

3. Increases Positive Vibes

If you are relaxed, and you are centred, its only natural for you to push these vibes out. You attract happiness and kindness, because you exhibit it as well. So don’t just meditate for yourself, but also for the serotonin you will have increased.

4. Decreases Anxiety

You have to welcome anxiety, to squash it. To acknowledge you need corrective measures to understand the genesis of your stress, and then take steps to make yourself stronger and calmer. Meditation does that for you, because you spend time with your own self, connecting with your inner self you begin understand the power of self-faith and how that can help you deal with a lot of ills.

5. Encourages Good Breathing

Lastly, meditation regulates your breathing. You learn how to breathe in a more rhythmic and systemic manner, rather than rush through it. This positive change in your breathing pattern will better your respiratory system, and make your lungs stronger!

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