8 Lazy Hacks To Get Rid Off That Winter Waistline

Cooler temps, fewer daylight hours, more time spent under the blankets and the constant munching. Yes, that’s winter for most of us. The hunger strikes are powerful and we all take in an extra thousand calories every day. And working out? That’s not even a concern. But as it’s gradually getting sunnier and brighter, we are feeling the extra waistline that winter gifted us.

The worst part? We still don’t want to work out. But isn’t there a solution for everything? Here are all the lazy ways that’ll help you get rid of those extra pounds and get back in shape.

The Magic Hour

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Yes, really! There’s a magic hour and it’s between 3-4 PM. And you must eat protein-rich foods like pulses, apple, fish or even a protein bar at this hour. Don’t miss out on this snack time because eating at this hour balances sugar levels and helps you tone up that waistline.


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What we mean basically is have fun! The most enjoyable workout, a genuine belly laugh causes an increase of your metabolism rate. We finally understand why laughter yoga is a thing.

Hide Your Vices

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Out of sight, out of mind! When those colourful tempting candies are not flaunting themselves in front of your eyes, you tend to forget about them. We are less lured by them and thus your waistline is in check. Because don’t forget that sugar is the archenemy!

Wear Denims

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A common-sense style tip; when you wear baggy jeans, you literally lose sight of your own body. But when you put on some flattering, fitting denims, your sub-conscious mind will be hyper-aware of what you’re eating. And most importantly when you should stop!

Have Some PB

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Yes, our favourite peanut better! Nibble on some peanut butter before going out to a party or big meal and you’ll be less likely to binge later. Trust us! It’s not the miracle food that’ll make calories disappear, but it holds you over and helps you eat more mindfully. Try it and you’ll thank us later.

No TV When Eating

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Ditch your favourite show while eating if you want to shed off those extra pounds from your waist. When you’re multi-tasking when eating, you tend to gain weight. Because being distracted always leads to more eating and being mindful about what you’re consuming leads to eating fewer calories.

Drink Your Coffee Black

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Don’t add milk and sugar and you’re saving yourself around 100 calories a day. Because coffee has zero calories and some 200 mg of caffeine. Who knows, the kick of the caffeine may propel you to the gym as well.

A Glass Of Wine Before Bed

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Yes, life is still real! Red wine has resveratrol, a much-lauded anti-aging compound that has serious weight-loss properties as well. Is there anything better than getting into shape while snoozing? Talk about a win-win!





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