7 Yoga Poses That You Should Definitely Practice With Your Lover

Roses and chocolates are pretty awesome, but nothing beats the on-the-mat time when it comes to keeping your relationship strong. We are talking about couple yoga- It teaches you to embrace and live every breath in each movement together.

So ditch the same old habit of eating dinner and retiring to the couch for binge watching before hitting the bay and indulge in some yoga time. It’ll not only tone up your body, but will also make communication between you two more open while encouraging trust. You can also spark up your sex life with these poses.

#1 Lotus pose

This gentle way of connecting with your partner opens the heart and is an easy way to connect with your breath.

#2 Partner Twist

Detox your body with your partner in a playful manner. Twist your back as you stretch your arms and cleanse your bodies together.

#3 Twin trees

Balancing encourage focus! And this specific pose invites focus and fun together while being a gentle hip opener.

#4 Buddy boat

This energetic pose gently works the core. Couples engaged in this pose often ends up in fits of laughter. Another health boost!

#5 Flying bow

Flying bow tests the feeling of trust in your relationship. An amazing back and heart opener, this pose will leave you feeling blissful.

#6 Straddle bat pose

Feels so good! This pose strengthens the body and mind, while bring you two really closer. Straddle bat pose brings in a feeling of stability, freedom and playfulness.

#7 Flying warrior

This pose calls for the strongest sense of communication and trust between partners. If you feel really safe, you can also release your hands and enjoy another level of excitement.