Pollution Checklist: Do These 5 Things To Protect Yourself From SMOG

Come Diwali the original thought of revelry and festivities take a backseat, especially for the northern belt of India. What engulfs the people dwelling in these parts turn to something blurry, in more ways than one. October- November are months we dread because all that bad Karma we have accumulated over the year comes back to bite us in the form of polluted air and smog. Smog so heavy that our lungs feel tortured even if we open a window and peak outside. However we have to survive, because humanity is all about perseverance. 

So, even though, we can’t control the vehicular pollution, the crop-burning, the crackers; we can limit our exposure to the pollution through these easy tricks!

1. Increase Stamina Through Diet

One of the biggest reasons why we feel out of breath while walking is because of lack of stamina. We wheeze, we cough, we pant. Now imagine this in addition to the smoke we are inhaling. Best way to limit this is by quickly changing some lifestyle patterns. Do some light workout at home, hydrate yourself, include anti-inflammatory ingredients in your food, and up your green veggies intake! These will help you increase your stamina and even if you do step out, you won’t have the extra burden of slowly dying under the weight of poisonous pollution.

2. Wear A Mask

Whether N95 or N99 – your filtered mask needs to be an ensemble staple. Period. You can’t possibly think of moving around without it, and we suggest you buy one asap. And if you feel you are reminding the world of Bane from Batman, always remember that these masks come in cute patterns too! So don’t fret, instead breathe!

3. Install Air Purifier

We understand installing air-purifies in your home might be overreaching your budget, but if you are in an official space with no air-purifiers, we suggest you ask your management to install some. Indoor air is sometimes the only respite we have during this time, and it’s imperative we get air purifiers.

4. Fill Your Indoor Space With Plants

Green is good. Very very good. One of the reasons why smog is all you feel is partly because of how we lack in terms of green cover. Now, like we mentioned your indoors might be the only respite you get -so fill your space with lots of plants. It will organically purify the air to some extent, and every little bit counts.

5. Carry Anti-Allergens/Inhalers

Even if you aren’t asthmatic or hyper-allergic carrying anti-allergens and/or inhalers will go a long way should you develop a coughing fit or experience difficulty breathing. Both are easily available at any chemists’ so we suggest you pick this up!

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