Sorry To Burst Your Bubble But Eating French Fries Actually Make You Sad

You know how sometimes you feel the need to eat your way through sadness? Chocolates, french fries, colas – how eating that makes you feel distracted and at peace? Well, well, well – guess what? Trans Fat is apparently up to no good. Again. As always. Forever, and ever, because it not only makes your body all bloated and icky from within but it ALSO now contributes to you being sad!

As per research, people who consume trans fat – fried foods – french fries – are more out of control when it concerns their emotions, and their emotional awareness takes a hit. All foods that are fried in hydrogenated oil contribute to higher intake of trans fat in our body, and considering we tend to binge-eat rapidly any kind of fried food this just worsens the entire situation. As trans fat act as a hindrance for stable blood circulation to your brain, they also act as a deterrent in balancing brain chemicals, ergo making you unable to regulate your emotions. So the next time, you want to french fry a little, think of it as something that could enable your potential sadness rather than make you feel all familiar and comfortable.

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