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Fitness Trends That Will Help You Stay Super Fit In 2019

Health goals are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions without fail. Vowing to ‘exercise more’ and ‘eat healthier’ are the most obvious ways to hop on the wellness train. But why stop there?

Though we haven’t unlocked all the secrets to healthier living and superior athletic performance, here’s a take on what will be trending in fitness in 2019. Oh, 2019 has a whole new way to sweat by the way.

#1 ‘Eat less, Move more’ will make a comeback

Eating less and moving more makes good sense. The trick is to find a way to do either and preferably both – which is easy to adhere to that it becomes second nature. Calorie balance is not a bad way to begin with.

#2 Gargling will become social acceptable

You want to harness the power of your brain to smash mental barriers and push your performance to dizzying new heights – hop onto the mouth-sensor bandwagon. Swishing sports drink in your mouth than spitting it out tricks the brain into thinking more fuel is on the way to their muscles.

#3 We will learn that health starts within

We will realize that health and well-being is and always has been an inside job. Given that health and well-being is multidimensional, it demands a more holistic approach – one which takes into account that dynamic interplay between mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being. In pursuit of meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes, 2019 will see more people actively seeking to partner with wellness professionals.

#4 Skepticism towards supplements will increase

2019 will witness people become increasingly skeptical of taking nutritional supplements and vitamins, as research continues to undermine the case for their effectiveness.

#5 Walking will become sexy

Walking is making a comeback in 2019. Trends are cyclical and with more and more research showing that we just need to move, walking will see resurgence. Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated so we can just go for a walk.

#6 We will understand that health is holistic

Balancing physical fitness with health and well-being across all areas of your life – relationships, work, and effectiveness will get more focus.  Awareness of the synergy of exercise with other ways of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will lead people to seek more balance between gym-time and time pursuing a greater vision for themselves.

#7 We will eat more mushrooms

The humble mushrooms will continue to be a huge trend as they sit at the heart of three major trends. Mushroom is a major component of upcycling and closed loop systems because they’re nature’s great recyclers. Secondly they’re a powerful functional food as they fight inflammation, boost the immune system and also help provide sustained, clean energy. And lastly, plant-based eating – mushrooms provide a hefty dose of umami, thus helping meat lovers feel that meaty taste.

#8 Virtual fitness will take over

Analog fitness will be outpaced by digital fitness. Online tools and apps will usher into a new era of running, cycling, and other traditional outdoor activities. 2019 may be looked upon as an inflection point where humans diverged from the natural world and became subsumed in a virtual one.




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