5 Important Things Everyone Must Remember Before Starting A Fitness Regime

Like most things in our life, especially the ones that have to do with us individually, we shouldn’t try to force a rat-race mechanism to fitness. We can’t possibly go ahead with meditative, refreshing, altering changes in our lifestyle with the mindset of competition or comparison. Fitness is so intrinsically personal, it differs from person to person; everyone’s body is different and everyone’s reaction to what their body experiences is also different. So before you jump the bandwagon of fitness routines, keep these things in mind. 

1. Don’t Do It Because Everyone Is Doing It

Ok this is true for all scenarios in life, but especially true here. Don’t put yourself through any kind of peer-pressure where you involve yourself in any exercise routine or diet fad simply because everyone is doing it, or everyone is talking about it. Know better. From wrong exercising techniques, to involuntary bodily reactions, to counterproductive biological aftermath – start a workout regime because you want to feel fit, you want to be active, you want to up your immunity and stamina.

2.  Mornings Are Just Better

Yes, waking up early is truly one of the toughest things ever, but trust us – mornings are infinitely better to start your workout. Surely time constraints are there, and responsibilities fall like a thud 99% of the time, but whenever you get a chance to do your exercise in the morning – savour it. Because it is truly amazing. It ensures your day is productive and calm but also happy because of all the happy hormones that come to your from working out!

3. Know And Respect Your Strength

If you can’t do a headstand, its okay. If you can’t pump iron the way others do, its okay. If you can’t weight-lift, its okay. If you want to only work out in the most mild manner because that’s what your body and your strength allows you to do – it is okay. Working out isn’t about the quantity it is always about quality. If the workout doesn’t make you feel refreshed and good, then there’s truly no point doing it to begin with.

4. Declutter Mind

Listen to music, chant mantras, do anything and everything to let go off things that usually occupy your mind. In the same measure, keep your phones away too. Exercising is personal, and for it to remain so, you have to make yourself un-susceptible to distractions that clutter your mind. Try to find that one relaxing aid, and further it to full capacity.

5. Fitness Over Vanity

Most importantly – workout to feel good, not necessarily look good. Because when you feel good you automatically look good. Your workout milestones, or fitness plans shouldn’t factor in a holiday or an event or a dress – instead it should factor in your stamina, your peace of mind, your bliss. So don’t try to inculcate a routine that hampers the very core understanding of being healthy and fit. That’s truly the most cardinal rule.


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