Coronavirus: Jackfruit Prices Soar As Food Lovers Ditch Chicken & Mutton In Their Biryani

The coronavirus pandemic has jolted the world out of everything else. The world’s industries are suffering from broken supply chains, disrupted manufacturing, empty stores and flagging demand for their wares.

Now, even the poultry business is in shambles, so much so the Poultry Farm Association recently organized a Chicken Mela in Gorakhpur to dispel the misconception that birds are carriers of the deadly virus. The jackfruit, in fact, is now priced higher than chicken which is selling at ₹80 per kilogram due to the fall in demand.

“In fact, we gave away plateful of chicken dishes for Rs 30 to encourage people to savour the delicacies. We cooked one thousand kilograms of chicken for the Mela and the entire stock was sold out,” the IANS report quoted Vineet Singh, head of the Poultry Farm Association, as saying.

Union Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Giriraj Singh had admitted the effect on poultry industry, adding that poultry industry was losing Rs 1,500-2,000 crore daily.

Recently, a farmer in Karnataka’s Gokak buried a truckload of chickens in his farm over coronavirus fears. Najeer Ahmed Makandar, loaded around 6,000 chickens, all about a month old in a truck and dumped the live birds in a large pit in Nulsoor on Monday.

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