Why Playing a Sport Is Important For You

Everyone has a set of hobbies, recreations, and pastimes that they swear by. People generally choose from watching movies, TV series, reading books, or playing an instrument. Here’s some food for thought- ever considered playing a sport for recreation? There is so much more to gain than just biding some time. Here’s a list of reasons why playing a sport is highly recommended.

1. Relax

Sounds kind of ironic, but playing a sport can be the best way to relax and destress. As your body starts to rhythmically move, your mind calms down and your attention is focused solely on the sport. Play with your friends and family to get the maximum out of this. Rejuvenate your body and mind with a simple sport added to your diet!

2. Exercise

Sports were literally just invented to promote exercise- and you say you want to join a gym? Why pay tons of money for gym membership when there’s minimal sports equipment and just a little bit of effort needed to get you going?

3. Recreation

Because when there’s sports- there’s everything you need. Needless to say, recreation is not something that sports aims to do but sort of just happens along the way. Badminton, table tennis, tennis, volleyball- pick whatever you like!

4. Team Spirit

Learning to take one for the team is something that sports is the best teacher at. Placing the collective goals of a group of individuals and realizing that it is for the greater common good is a vital life skill. Larger team sports like Football, Hockey, and Cricket- or even smaller ones like Squash, Badminton and Table Tennis.

5. Persistence

Try, try, try- and if you fail, try again! What better way to learn this than while playing a sport? You have to work equally hard to gain a point after losing two- and that’s what this is all about.

6. Patience

In sports, patience and hard work is the only thing that pays off. Losing your cool never helps as working your way to the winning table requires a lot of mental fortitude.

7. Confidence

Whether you win, or whether you lose- one thing that you always gain through sports is confidence. Nailing that one shot or hitting that six makes you believe in yourself like nothing else!

8. Control

Self-control is something you learn while playing the sport! Losing your temper on the field isn’t an option; be it with others, or even yourself. Until you learn how to control, excelling at sports will just remain out of reach.

9. Losing with Grace

If there’s anything that sports teaches you- it is this. Losing with dignity and accepting defeat is one thing you cannot play a sport without. Maintain a healthy competitive spirit and gain a few friends while playing too!

10. Authority

With hierarchy comes authority, of which responsibility is a direct corollary. Be it managers, coaches, referees, team captains or vice-captains- we learn to respect and take orders and see them through.


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