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5 Simple Exercises To Tone Up Your Arms

We all know how frustrating it is to see your back and armpit fat rolls poking out every time you put on your best dress. We often neglect our backs and arms while working out and tend to focus more

This Is The Reason Why People Are Burning Their Nike Merchandise

In a climate like one today, and not just owing to Global Warming, the world is fraught with tension. There are protests, there is injustice, there is authoritarianism, there is discrimination.  And one man’s protest act unravelled layers of unmanageable

Your Everyday Foods Are Actually Super Detoxifying

Detox has somehow become a fad word, rather than a word which stands for what it stands for. Detox essentially means flushing toxins out of your body, and maintaining a good regulation of bodily functions. This has very little to

Why Playing a Sport Is Important For You

Everyone has a set of hobbies, recreations, and pastimes that they swear by. People generally choose from watching movies, TV series, reading books, or playing an instrument. Here’s some food for thought- ever considered playing a sport for recreation? There

5 Steps To Increase Your Stamina ASAP

Endurance and stamina are as integral as responsible breathing. You could lead the healthiest life, but that may not result in a heightened stamina. Stamina and endurance both gradually improve with strong lifestyle choices made by you! It includes sleep

Yoga Asanas for Stress

8 Yoga Asanas That Act As Stress Busters

We all have tedious schedules; day after day we battle stress and tension! No amount of sleep, food, activity seems to really ease off the tense muscles in our bodies. In such a scenario the only thing that can be

7 Fast Foods Made Super Healthy

No one enjoys fast foods than the younger lot. The hard-working crop of students, officer-goers, the millennial. However with the topsy-turvy schedule most of them, most of us, boast off, too much of junk food can harm the body in