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5 Steps To Increase Your Stamina ASAP

Endurance and stamina are as integral as responsible breathing. You could lead the healthiest life, but that may not result in a heightened stamina. Stamina and endurance both gradually improve with strong lifestyle choices made by you! It includes sleep

Yoga Asanas for Stress

8 Yoga Asanas That Act As Stress Busters

We all have tedious schedules; day after day we battle stress and tension! No amount of sleep, food, activity seems to really ease off the tense muscles in our bodies. In such a scenario the only thing that can be

7 Fast Foods Made Super Healthy

No one enjoys fast foods than the younger lot. The hard-working crop of students, officer-goers, the millennial. However with the topsy-turvy schedule most of them, most of us, boast off, too much of junk food can harm the body in