This Is The Reason Why People Are Burning Their Nike Merchandise

In a climate like one today, and not just owing to Global Warming, the world is fraught with tension. There are protests, there is injustice, there is authoritarianism, there is discrimination.  And one man’s protest act unravelled layers of unmanageable anarchy. Colin Kaepernick, who played as a quarterback with San Francisco 49ers up until 2016, had allegedly been blackballed and essentially unemployed after refusing to stand for the National Anthem, and instead knelt down as a protest against injustice towards people of colour. The same Colin Kaepernick is now featured by Nike in their 30th Anniversary campaign. A choice that has proved risky for the sporting mega-brand.

Within minutes of Kaepernick’s ad coming to fore, Nike lost $3.75 Billion in the market, and people burned their Nike shoes, and other merchandise in an act of proving their loyalty to their country over a brand. The jury, however, is still out on the grave issue of if the kneeling down was an act of strength, and subsequently, if Nike’s decision was furthering that same strength! If silent protests are aimed at a bigger change, should they be allowed? If proclamation of beliefs and justice are called out, are they deserved? Finally – if this helps in propagating a catalyst of change and peace, why not?!